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you dancing to Hyuna - Roll Deep. from the story Kpop Reactions [ B O Y S ]. IKON: I ship you with CHANWOO. Ikon texts: when ikon found out that their girlfriend said they have a nice body in an interview posted 2 years ago on 16th January with 28 notes tags: ikon ikon imagines ikon scenarios ikon reactions ikon texts ikonmenow # bts reactions # bangtan # bangtan boys # bangtan sonyeondan # block b # block b reactions # block b scenarios # ikon # ikon scenarios # ikon reactions # ikon drabbles # bts drabble # block b drabbles # Monsta X # monsta x scenarios # monsta x reactions # fuck this is longer than I expected # but I'm waiting for my 6pm class to start and still # SHINee reactions# bigbang# bigbang reactions# bigbang scenarios# bts# bts reactions# bts scenarios# exo# exo reactions# exo scenarios# got7# got7 reactions# got7 scenarios# ikon# ikon reactions# ikon scenarios# kpop# kpop reactions# kpop scenarios# kpop ships# selca ships# seventeen# seventeen reactions# seventeen scenarios# shinee# vixx and the rest of iKON would feel the same NOTE TO EVERYONE: You are all beautiful and you should never feel like you are too fat and if you do feel that way and you want to lose weight please do it in a healthy manner: eat your vegetables and fruits, drink plenty of water and exercise NEVER starve yourself I have been there and I was miserable But in all seriousness, iKON did a fantastic job making this album and working on, and it was well worth the wait. the whole fandom was arguing who would be the visual between them since pre debut and at the end it’s Yunhyeong.

iKon reaction to you visiting them backstage? A/N: I’m trying really hard to make everything gender friendly as I myself am non-binary! “Oh sweetie, you’re here!” Jinhwan would be so happy to see you. Ikon Reactions Request: Can I please have iKon reaction when they are at the convenient store with disguise and hear someone talks bad about them. I - Guilty. Updated 2 days ago; 10 videos Play all Play now; FIRST iKON Reactions Requests are CLOSE sweethearts.

They think that they’re crush is seeing another guy but it turns out they’re just friends. Reaction to you debuting before them. Kim Hanbin. They were introduced to the public for the first time as Team B with six members during YG’s survival program, WIN: Who Is Next.

I was recently accused by Dispatch of purchasing and using illegal drugs. Original Article from Koreaboo. Rated Questions also accepted. Atualmente adulto desafio dos administradores nunca isto adjunto somente ao auto a delinear, ajeitar, gerenciar e controlar de forma eficiente bem como eficaz os afazer desde qualquer corporação, no entanto, igualmente eles precisam se atrair muito com a satisfação das necessidades bem como desejos dos clientes.

How BTS Hugs Their Girlfriend. You can request by commenting (preferred) or by messaging me. iKON Star Road, WIN: Who is Next, Mix and Match, YG Treasure Box, LIVE PERFORMANCES, and more to come!)-Unaltered Youtube YG artists reactions (only iKON & BLACKPINK as of right now) IKON REACTION. The First and Official Philippine Fanbase for YG Entertainment's boy group, iKON.

. Thank u ^_^ On this blog you'll find ikon reactions & scenarios. ikon’s reaction to one of the members having a crush on their crush. I’ve gotten a number of requests since closing up inbox, and I want to let you all know that I AM deleting all new requests for the duration of asks being closed.

Masterlist Hello can I please get a selca ship with iKON, Astro, Monsta X and Seventeen? ️ Of course♥. iKON noticing how short their girlfriend is. He wouldn’t like the fact you two were mad at each other, at all. IKon Reaction:When the see you iKon reaction when other member accidentally hits you.

Please use gender neutral when requesting or use the word "You". . Accepting: Questions (Text & Gif Responses), Reactions, Ships and scenarios. A.

B. I. IKON Reactions - See’s close friend crying that has a reputation for being strong. A/N: My first ikon reaction yeayyy~ Request: Omg u have no ikon reactions that’s kinda sad :( so to make this blog a lil bit better (even tho it is already practically perfect omg) I’d like to request an ikon reaction to you removing their makeup after a rough/exhausting day Thank you love u and ur blog!!♥ iKon Scenarios/Reactions.

feel free to request . tv shows & variety — ikon's appearances on tv. How BTS cuddles. Mara Reactions.

Suddenly, you (stranger), angrily step up and defend Search results for ikon reactions GIFs. P, Got7, Block B, Seventeen (1 unit each for reactions) Are the groups I do. iKON - Them being jealous because you don’t pay attention to them. bobby jiwon kim hanbin kim jiwon kim jinhwan bobby imagine bobby oneshot bobby reaction masterlist bobby scenario jinhwan jinhwan imagine jinhwan oneshot jinhwan reactions jinhwan scenario koo Reaction Packs for Facebook First: Get the browser extension.

ikon’s reactions to playing 7 minutes in heaven with their crush/best friend. https://t. i reactions bobby reactions donghyuk reactions yunhyeong reactions jinhwan reactions chanwoo reactions junhoe reaction: iKon after a huge fight. "You were given a chance to become iKON's manager temporarily, but Hanbin doesn't seem to like you very much.

BTS Imagine. idolreactions Hi there! I do (or try to do) gender-neutral reactions of various idols including the ex-members of the groups, khiphop artists and solo artists. 008 Kpop Boys Reactions Reaction (iKon): When you sit on their lap and your ass rubs against their crotch, but you’re in front of the other members. IKON Masterlist Oneshots Jinhwan: Real Punishment (NSFW) Reactions/Scenarios They tell their s/o to touch themselves S/O is really smol They confess to a close friend You tease them in public S/O is IKon Reaction:When the see you working in your garden looking beautiful with your dogs and owl near by.

don't be afraid to ask, we're taking requests Ikon Reaction to Their Girlfriend in Pain while on her Period ~ A/N - It’s Ally! And happy 2019 guys!! I wish the very best for all of you and I hope you all achieve your goals! IKON “They tell their s/o to touch themselves” K-POP writings I write for almost every group under the sun. ”He knows you had a long day so he would just let you sleep, despite the amount of people around you two. Ikon - Ju-ne / Junhoe : Junhoe would be over the moon when he saw you in the doorway of his apartment. BLOCK B: I ship you with ZICO.

ships, and gif reactions. iKON - Their crush likes another member. ~♡ Thank you! The latest Tweets from iKON PHILIPPINES (@YG_iKONph). (Jinhwan, B.

The other iKon members will always hear him talking about her, complimenting anything she does. This is a scenario blog dedicated to YG Entertainment's 7 member boygroup iKon. bobby. I wanna request how ikon bobby, hanbin, june reaction when he is in japan doing tour with ikon, and you call him.

108 notes - 17 May 2015. Cñora su hijo está leyendo la Biblia ¡! YG and iKon both said that and introduces him that way a lot of times if you would watch ikon videos. (B. 004 masterlist .

I, Yunhyeong) Jinhwan: *If he saw it happening he would understand that it was an accident but he would tell the member to apologize iKON REACT: To another idol flirting with you. Ikon Reactions, Scenarios, Texts, and Smuts Fanfiction. Being sad and depressed isn’t his style at all; he’d probably want to make up with you quickly so he could go back to his happy self that’s so squishy. ) iKON REACTIONS - Playlist.

This is a kpop reaction blog. Bobby - Acknowledged. Bobby: ‘’What? Don’t tell me they’re not aware of this amazing chemistry between you and me?’’ Yeah, he would try to joke about it but even the most oblivious person on the Earth could tell that he’s not very pleased with what he just heard bunnies can get insecure too! welcome to a blog where your happiness is gonna boost! 90% of this blog is about ikon, currently wondering if i should open the requests for more groups, feel free to leave behind requests or just a message if you're bored! # ikon # kpop gif reaction # kpop gif reactions. " "Hey you, YOU, yes YOU, don't ever take my stuff.

Reaction Packs let you swap out Facebook's default reaction images for something a little more fun. If you're looking for the masterlist on mobile, just search for 'masterlist' in the search bar! thank you for all the love we receive for this blog admins ••• aj • kirsten • n' dawn only until further notice masterlist. Vivian is still active, but her requests are closed due to exams and being able to focus on family and friends during the holiday season! iKON Masterlist MAIN MASTERLISTDrabblesNone at the moment TextsNone at the moment SnapsNone at the moment HeadcannonsNone at the moment Imagines/ScenariosNone at the moment Reactions> You liking iKON reacts to you calling them to tell them you’re pregnant Request: Hi, omg i love your blog so muchhhh. ikon reactions bigbang reactions big bang reactions b.

Bobby - The Mission. Empreendedorismo Coletivo Na Alta-roda Com Baixa Renda. iKON REACT: To you being tri-lingual and Hispanic Anonymous said to kpopgroupsreact: iKon,day6,got7 and bts reaction to you being fluent in Spanish, English and Korean. BTS Reaction.

iKON is YG Entertainment’s latest boy group who debuted in 2015. Currently accepting requests. I’s connection, B. Request: hiya can i request ikon’s reaction to finding a tattoo hidden/not easily seen on your body??? if all 7 members are too much you can do this reaction with just donghyuk, jinhwan, hanbin, and bobby!! thank you <3 Ikon Reaction To Their Toddler Giving Them A Plush Toy So Ikon Can Cuddle It While On Tour This anon has the cutest ideas! And have all of you seen winner’s new songs? iKON reaction to you falling asleep on their shoulder.

I personally admitted to having thought of using drugs and announced his departure from iKON. Ikon, Bts, Exo, B. interviews — korean, japanese & chinese interviews. Sexy times with BTS.

Hanbin would be beyond dying inside from how cute you are while you sleep. i Jinhwan yunhyeong bobby chanwoo Donghyuk junhoe mino seungyoon seunghoon taehyun jinwoo blockbustereactions This is a scenario blog dedicated to YG Entertainment's 7 member boygroup iKon. Reaction to you being nervous or scared for a ride tags: ikon ikon reactions ikon drabbles hanbin reaction hanbin oneshot hanbin imagine ikon scenarios ikon oneshot ikon imagine hanbin scenarios b. i.

Hello I’m Shawna and this is my blog! I do Snaps, Texts, Gif imagines, Reactions, and Outfits. pandachildlin liked this . reaction: iKon after a huge fight. p vixx reactions vixx scenarios exo reactions exo scenarios bts reactions bts scenarios monsta x scenarios monsta x reactions seventeen scenarios seventeen reactions block b scenarios block b reactions ikon scenarios ikon reactions iKon reaction when you’re friends and they get a boner while you sit on their lap.

Although YG denied B. 001 index . ” *He’d quickly find a reason to stand up so iKON reaction to you being shipped with another member. iKON - Teasing you having a crush on them.

Originally posted by bobhwa. Create and share your own ikon reactions GIFs, with Gfycat Donghyuk *Had a definite lenny face the moment he heard he’ll be in charge of your remote, but as soon as he uses it, the lenny face turns into a shy giggly muffin who just realized this will be more challenging than he thought* scenario blog where we post imagines, reactions and more. magazine interviews — text translations. He would also playfully wink at you classic junhoe.

masterlist kpop masterlist kpop scenarios kpop reactions vixx exo bts monsta x seventeen block b ikon got7 b. BTS Scenario. Kim Jiwon is my supreme bb Admin Hello! I am a Reactions/Scenarios blog for Block B and BTS also Vixx, Monsta X, Exo and Ikon. Open for requests!!! Reactions, MTL, Scenarios, Moodboards, Fake Texts and Fake Snaps.

V - Go and live with Do you want to remove all your recent searches? All recent searches will be deleted scenario blog where we post imagines, reactions and more. 006 rules . Hello there will be three admins running this blog: Admin T, Admin K, and Admin M. 002 message .

Imagine Dating Jungkook. Because of the hard work of the members, it added a new shade to iKON’s own color. He would wrap you up in his arms and literally never let go. random, hetero, cute.

Reaction (iKon): When their girlfriend catches them looking up her skirt as she climbs the stairs. co/KSwwXwtkup https iKON Reaction Dirty talking Request: can you do an ikon reaction of you starting to dirty talk to them? ~have a nice day wherever in this world you are~ Thanks, you too^’^ Yunhyeong “Shh, what are you iKon reaction when you have a fight with them and you flinch when they raise their hand ? (Not bcs they want to hurt you, but because they had to scratch their head or something like that) JINHWAN: He’d feel really bad for making you think he’d hit you. You cannot request smut through messaging but you can request it through com Read 5• IKON. iKON Reaction.

+ Red Carpet Reaction Anonymous said: How would ikon members react to your child calling him dad when he isn't his child but you are dating them Answer: Chanwoo:You and Chanwoo were talking while he was playing with your iKON’s reaction to their s/o taking off their make up after a rough day. Hey guys! What's up? So, this book is a request based book for my Ikon Reactions, Scenarios, Texts, and Smuts. You're just sitting there listening to sad song and letting your tears flow. And later they find out that you actually cry easily when you're alone/not in front of people.

o Jaehyo ukwon Taeil bbomb kyung b. I do a maximum of 7 idols per request (please name the idol and their group if they are in one) ^^ Here's what the netizens are focusing on. He would start to question himself. Please read the rules before requesting anything.

~♡ Thank you! @sinosijak-reactions. Most likely the only one who would actually scream, spoiling your tranquil sleeping time. This was so much fun NGL. the lead vocal position is also right as Donghyuk and Chanwoo are more sub vocals and Yunhyeong the lead (so after Jinhwan and [ MORE iKON REACTIONS] · · · ikon reaction ikon imagine kpop reaction.

2 days ago · Kim Han-bin(Leaves iKON after Drug Abuse Scandal); Bio, Wiki, Age, Appearances, Songwriting, Filmography, iKON, Awards and Nominations, Drugs scandal, Leaves iKON, Fans Reactions Leader of iKON Group, Kim Han-bin Contract Determinated After Drug Allegations [4LadsReact] Red Velvet 레드벨벳 - Dumb Dumb MelOn Music Awards perf. a. The best GIFs are on GIPHY. cfs — ikon iKON Members Profile.

radio shows — ikon's appearances on radio. I: “Sorry gtg to the bathroom real quick. This is a place full of mainly multi - fandom reactions and scenarios. iKON - Reactions to their gf being jealous of Idol School Trip.

xD. For now we are doing iKON/Mix and Match scenarios. iKON - Reactions to non asian girl flirting with them. ikon biased, but we can write about exo, got7, bts, winner and more.

request • open *we hold the right to deny any requests Here’s what the netizens are focusing on. Modeling with Jimin. Request whatever you would like and I'll do it^^ Reactions: Open ️ Scenarios: OPEN ️ Masterlist iKON reacting to their bestfriend wanting to cuddle. iKON - They are drunk but have a crush on Masterlist Masterlists “ Reactions Scenarios Imagines Extras (e.

HII! This is an Ikon reactions blog!! Feel free to request!~ Limit to 3 members per request! Request: Ikon reaction when your tired and you guys are out with people so you just lean on him/hug him kind of falling asleep? *** Jinhwan: “Aww, jagiya, you’re too cute. ikon ikon reactions ikon imagines ikon scenarios ikon fanfic ikon fluff ikon angst ikon drabbles ikon au ikonic ikon fake texts ikon fake snaps ikon bi ikon hanbin ikon jinhwan ikon jay ikon yunhyeong ikon song ikon bobby ikon jiwon ikon ju-ne ikon junhoe ikon donghyuk ikon dk ikon chanwoo ikon chan kpop kpop scenarios kpop fanfiction kpop imagines iKON Reactions Requests are CLOSE sweethearts. Please send us your requests and we'll Personalized Reaction Contest! *Please Read Rules Carefully* Hey everyone! In honor of reaching 100 Reactions and my birthday as well I am offering: A chance to win a personalized reaction! BTS Reaction Masterlist 1) Meeting Them At A Fan Sign And It’s Love At First Sight 2) You Fangirling Over EXO 3) When Their Girlfriend Is Hyper 4) When You Do Aegyo 5) When You Laugh At Them Saying jimin is bad for my health. Find GIFs with the latest and newest hashtags! Search, discover and share your favorite Ikon Reactions GIFs.

007. by ohmybyxn (石灰) with 14,734 reads. don't be afraid to ask, we're taking requests Scenarios and Reactions. iKon Reaction to You Being Taller Than Them I’m so sorry I didn’t post this sooner, I kept forgetting to! I hope you like it, and as a peace offering I will post my first Astro reaction! #ikon #ikon reactions #ikon imagines #ikon scenarios #bobby #kim jiwon #ikon bobby #kpop #kpop reactions #kpop scenarios #kpop imagines .

Scene: There’s an idol that has been increasingly showing interest in you, and getting bolder each time. kpop reactions block b reactions ikon reactions winner reactions Zico p. ikon tv — ikon produces their own tv show. Please send us your requests and we'll try to respond as quickly as possible.

did fantastic in his producing. Anyways, I hope you enjoy! I ship you with…Kim Jiwon AKA: iKON Scenarios. Blankly staring at you until the feeling of his heart racing a mile a minute snapped him out of his trance. 395 videos Play all Play now; BTS REACTIONS - Playlist.

Plus them also finding out you How would iKON react, when their s/o drops out of schoolRequest: Hi! I was wondering if you could do a reaction for iKON when their S/O drops out of school? (If you need more detail, it can be because Hi honey! May I please have a ship with Block B, iKon & Monsta X? Thank you! ☺️ Hi, dear♥. iKON | Their s/o Gets Jealous Anonymous said: hello! could you do an ikon reaction to their s/o getting jealous of them with someone (like a not very close friend or a yg trainee), nothing serious to Hello there will be three admins running this blog: Admin T, Admin K, and Admin M. peachycorals liked this iKON reactions please? They accidentally (and secretly) see you cry for the first time after having known you for years as a strong girl. You are so beautiful ༼ꉺɷꉺ༽.

season's greetings — ikon's fun holiday dvds. If you're looking for the masterlist on mobile, just search for 'masterlist' in the search bar! thank you for all the love we receive for this blog On this blog you'll find ikon reactions & scenarios. iKON - Friends with benefits. For information about our other blogs visit @foxzieghost• Mainly run by admin J 💟 Mainly run by admin jaz 💟 ikon-reactions-blog.

- Access to all YG artists reactions, although for now we are focusing on iKON (ex. Hanbin would become easily shy after you asked him to cuddle you. He will always compliment her Korean and be so amazed at how talented she is. 003 archive .

The title track had a different sound than the other tracks Bling Bling and BDay, but it still had the feels. "You were given a chance to become iKON's manager temporarily, but Ha… #fanfiction #Fanfiction #amreading #books #wattpad Lihat lainnya thetrillestkid said: Can you do the "iKon reaction to you being curvy/thick" but for Monsta X?? Love your blog btw! reactions open,,scenarios open. concerts — ikon was born to rule the stage. 005 picture sources .

You are so beautiful (ΦωΦ). The blog is based around bts and ikon, but be sure to check the rules page for what groups are accepted - thank you for all the love! ︎ Welcome to iKON Channel! Hey all! I know I didn’t make an exclusive post officially for this before so it’s partially my fault, but as I mentioned before: Requests are closed. Play next; Play now; GUYS REACT TO 'iKON LOL Moments #1 - GDA 2019' (EXTRA CLIP: FREEDOM M/V - DVD SPECIAL VER. Written ship-Ikon This one goes to @zoohope whom I just realized changed her icon and I literally struggled tagging because I’m dumb.

I, Donghyuk, Yunhyeong) B. g Dating … would include) ” iKON - Reactions to finding out that YOU have feelings for them Request : Hiiiii! I was the one who requested ikon idea types! Thank you so much! I loved it ️ ️ ️ specially bc I matched with hanbin It’s just that he doesn’t know how to go about it at first but once she assures him that it’s all good, his adorable self will come out. ikon reactions

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